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Do You Need VPS Hosting For Your Image-Heavy Website?

If you are ambitious to make your website image-heavy while planning it then you will have to consider certain things like load on the server etc. before making it live on internet. It is a well known fact that images use more than 100 times bandwidth and storage space on the server than text content of a website.

When your site starts getting traffic then your server can easily get overloaded due to limited amount of bandwidth. Possibilities of overloading of server can increase if one of the images on your site is shared by some popular site.

You can observe several social media sites like Instagram and Facebook etc. to know how they run smoothly most of the time, even after making their website image-heavy. Actually it is not difficult to run an image-heavy website if you use VPS cloud server.

An image-heavy website needs VPS due to following reasons:


VPS, being a software based server, can be used flexibly. VPS divides a server into various parts and provides a part of the server to your website exclusively. Your web hosting company will allow your website to use additional bandwidth and storage space when the traffic of its visitors increases to keep you website consistently online. You will be charged for the additional bandwidth used by you.

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Though coat of using VPS is more than using a shared server still VPS can also be used for $20 per month. You can find a cloud VPS service provider to get additional bandwidth and storage for your website, when required. Moreover some of the VPS providers usually offer a promotional price and/or discounts from time to time to make it more affordable for its users.


You can get complete control on your computing environment by using VPS. In fact VPS is completely independent of the servers provided by the hosting service providers by sharing the physical server. It allows you to run your apps independently as it has its own operating system to ensure their compatibility with your apps. Moreover they also allow you to use the operating system of your choice, Windows or Linux etc. It also allows you to configure the server as per the requirement of your website without limiting your hosting facilities.


VPS allows you to grow your business more confidently as it offers more security than a shared hosting server. It can keep your data and website safe from being infected or hacked. Main reason behind the additional security with VPS is that being a single unit it keeps your data and apps completely away from its other users. Your data will not be affected if the other user of VPS is infected by malware or hacked by the hackers.


It is very easy to upgrade or downsize the package for using VPS as per the needs of your business. The VPS service provides offer wide range of hosting packages to offer different amounts of memory, processing power and storage space from which you can choose as per your requirement. You can upgrade its use as your image-heavy website needs more storage and bandwidth. It makes VPS a most scalable option for web hosting.